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This product uses Pipkins patented Merlang forecasting algorithms

About WorkforceScheduling.Com

WorkforceScheduling.com is a subscription based solution for all of your Call Center Workforce Management needs developed by Pipkins, Inc. By utilizing the power of our enterprise workforce management solution, Maxima Advantage Vantage Point, in combination with database, scheduling, and forecasting engines hosted on our servers and a web portal for agent access; you gain all the benefits that a hosted solution can offer.

Our client software offers the following advanced features for supervisors and managers:

Client Software Features

  • Advanced Forecasting with patented Merlang algorithms
  • Scheduling in Skill-Based environments using SkillSense™ technology
  • Easy to use point-and-click graphical Schedule Management tools
  • Total ACD Integration for Data Collection across multiple sites and timezones
  • Workload distribution/automation with Multiple Application Server (MAS)
  • Comprehensive Analysis and Reporting capability
  • Complete Multi-site Management
  • Attendance Preferences
  • Support for Multi-media environments
  • Open Architecture / ODBC access
  • WEB access module for agents and administrators
  • E-Mail integration
  • Automated Data Exports
  • WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) Report Distribution
  • Budgeting Vantage Point
  • Data-Level Security and Filtering
  • Agent Productivity Reporting

Our web portal offers the following convenient features to agents and supervisors from anywhere that you have access to the Internet:

Web Portal Features

  • Viewing of individual agent schedules
  • Agent schedule modification requests, trades, and schedule give aways.
  • Messaging system for notification of schedule change status, or user messages
  • Electronic bulletin board system for posting trade requests, give aways, or user messages
  • Supervisor access to approve or make schedule changes

Pipkins, Inc. has been at the forefront of Workforce Management Systems development for nearly two decades. Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Pipkins provides modern commercial call centers with advanced sophisticated forecasting and scheduling technology.

Founded in the early 1980s, Pipkins' early associations with British Telecom (BT) and AT&T Network Systems United Kingdom helped establish Pipkins at the forefront of the demanding operator services industry. In 1993 Pipkins reengineered its product line to meet the business needs of the rapidly expanding US commercial call center market.

Now in the US marketplace, Pipkins, Inc. offers complete technical and human resources in the areas of new product development, technical support, sales, customer service, and training.

Pipkins has a rapidly expanding installed customer base in the areas of Banking, Cable TV, Catalog Sales, Financial Services, Health Care, Hospitality, Hotel, Insurance, Manufacturing, Member Associations, Outsourcing, Public Utilities, Publishing, Retail Distribution, Travel, and Telecommunications.